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BioDiscovery Group Lifesciences is offering internship of 30, 45 & 60 days and are offered ONLINE and ONSITE (at our Bengaluru Office, Karnataka, India). The category/area of internships are:

  • Chemoinformatics Approaches for Drug Discovery Technology and Molecular Simulations.
  • Immunoinformatics Approaches for Vaccine Design.
  • Computer Aided Herbal Drug Discovery for Edible Vaccines.
  • Next Generation Sequencing.
  • Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering.
  • Homology Modelling.

To inquire write to with subject line "Internship in..(your topic of interest)" and send. We will get back to you with registration process as well as the fee which you have to pay.

Phone:  +91 9538710056, +91 7988262116, +91 80 4271 1080

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