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Research Project

People from a biotech background can find the best answer for their career at BioDiscovery Solutions for Future. It s not just the name that shows solutions for future but the real knowledge we gain from the projects and the people in the team who take personal care on us to come and teach each and every step of the project at home. I am really very glad to be a part of BioDiscovery Solutions for Future - working as project associate for such a developing research concern which will reach the sky limits no doubt. Hard work and dedication are the two words I could say about our company. Students with greater aims in life and to step into a better career in biotech are always welcome in here. The company gives you is projects, Training, International Publication, and you go present the project abroad, etc. Students to strengthen their profile have to work for such projects and also get the publication in international level which can built up their career path like BioDiscovery Solutions for Future Solutions for Future does. The exposure students get in the company during their project work will make them aware of the opportunities in biotech and science and it???s a wonderful place or even one of the BEST places to work with. Asif Sir-- without whom BioDiscovery Solutions for Future Solutions for Future is impossible, he is one miracle I could say, Sir you have given me an life time opportunity to work with BioDiscovery Solutions for Future Solutions for Future ,Thanks a lot and I will keep up to your expectations and more. BIODISCOVERY SOLUTIONS FOR FUTURE SOLUTIONS FOR FUTURE-THE REAL SOLUTION FOR FUTURE.
    Sujatha Ramasamy
JRF, Bharathiar University,
attended the program at Bangalore, India

BioDiscovery Solutions for Future is the only organization which works to strengthen the profile of the student. The main motto of the company is to bring the era of research in India and this can only be done by strengthening the base of country. Students are the future of the country so they work for them. Initially I was not aware of the track for my future but this company showed me the correct path and now I am a changed man. A new personality is developed in me by this company. Please don???t trust rumors, if you have any query feel free to ask. BioDiscovery Solutions for Future is the assume place to work. Under the guidance of the BioDiscovery Solutions for Future team. I came to know about the reality of Biotechnology. Earlier I was unaware about the utilization of Biotechnology, But after getting one paper published I... got the point that bio-tech is nothing but the research work. So here I had done few more projects which I got published at various places and now in September I am going to those places to represent my Work for that I am getting the Grant from the people. This company has strengthened my profile ant this team guided me how to build the carrier in this field ........lot more........ "I recommend all bio tech students must go with this, this will play the major role in building the carrier" If anyone wants to go for the research work in his / her MAJOR PROJECT, prefer BioDiscovery Solutions for Future. You will definitely feel the difference in yourself after the completion of the project.
    Kaushlesh Mishra
Amity University,
attended the program at Agra, India

BIODISCOVERY SOLUTIONS FOR FUTURE is an awesome place to work ....Its complete non-profit organization....which is working for the betterment of BIOTECH STUDENTS. I did project here which got published at INTERNATIONAL LEVEL....and it is selected to be presented in a journal.....IMPACT FACTOR- 2.8.
    Veer Bahadur Singh
Amity University,
attended the program at Agra, India

What 2 say about BioDiscovery Solutions for Future?? It is just an awesome experience for me for being a part of India???s best hardcore research organisation. This is the only company in India who works 4 strengthening the profile of candidates by giving them a chance to explore their potential in various projects, training, career guidance & many more. The company offers various research projects of International acceptance & value to the students and working professionals who are pursuing their career in Biotechnology or Bioinformatics and who have a desire to work in R & D company or organisation. Besides this, company also outsource various International projects in Biotechnology & Bioinformatics which is the primary work of it. I had a great opportunity to work with some great minds as I got selected there to work on research projects & it is accepted at International Level and now in upcoming months I am going abroad to present my work as I already got a grant both 4m abroad as well as from Department of Biotechnology, India as I have to represent my country there. So it???s a feeling of pride for me. And at the last ???. This is the only company in India who works 4 strengthening the profile of candidates by giving them a chance ...2 explore their potential in various projects, training, career guidance & many more. The company gives you novel research projects, Training and International Publication.
    Utkarsh Raj
Amity University,
attended the program at Agra, India

I am happy of completing the research project in biodiscovery entitled Molecular Modeling study of 4-Phenyl-1H-Imidazole and its derivatives as potential inhibitor of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO).Initially,I was hesitated to indulge in this project,but after 2 classes,it became my part of life.Akansha mam and Deva sir supported us all the time.Asif sir do guided us to complete the project.He always reply us with an answer whenever we asked doubts.we have planned to present and publish this work,so kindly guide for that too.And suggest us a place to do this work in a wet lab too.Its really nice working under the guidance of you all sir.
jeppiaar engineering college,chennai,
attended the program at chennai

BioDiscovery Solutions for Future is a ladder to enrich the career for biotechnology students. The overall experience gained during the entire duration of the project was overwhelming. BioDiscovery serves as a milestone for advanced researches in various fields such as bioinformatics and biopharmaceutical technology.It fulfills the objective of students in gaining the basic research knowledge which serves as an important perspective in the evolving scientific world. Our research project training program is of novel projects on drug discovery and designing where we students implement latest technology followed by practical application. The organization also offers various other projects of international standards adding a good value to the profile of the students who have a strong perseverance for a career in research field. The most important part is the aesthetic environment and the one to one importance given to us to make sure that we gain up-to-date information and advancements in the booming biotech field. It is lucid that students entering BioDiscovery can believe to step out with bounteous knowledge about researches in their area of interest. It's sure that BioDiscovery is a great place for acquiring jubilant experience and dynamic wit in research and technology.Last but not the least I'm very much thankful to CEO Sir and the entire BioDiscovery team for making my project a marvelous learning period. I specially thank Asif Naqvi Sir for his fruitful discussion and clarification about the project work.
Jeppiaar Engineering College,
attended the program at Chennai

First of all i would like to extend my gratitude to Asif sir for giving me the opportunity and my project trainers Aakansha mam and Devashish sir for their patience while clearing all my doubts.I had gained good exposure,in depth knowledge and feel more confident in the area in which i did my project with Biodiscovery. Preparation materials and service offered are really good.Overall it was really a good experience to work with Biodiscovery and thanks to the entire team for all their efforts.
Jeppiaar engineering college,
attended the program at Chennai

I would really extend my gratitude to BioDiscovery Group for giving me such an opportunity to work in research project which would greatly help for my future. Absolutely complete guidance was given by the project trainers to finish our project. I had a great experience in working in this project were I learned lot about drug designing and working with bioinformatics tools. Now I am very well confident to work in these research areas since I have gained it from BioDiscovery Group. Thanks to my team members & guides Akansha mam and Deva sir for working patiently.
Jeppiaar Engineering College,
attended the program at Chennai,india

As I am a research scholar and doing research on Alzheimer's disease using bioinformatics applications and techniques, for this reason I found your project was promising and was of great interest because it is directly associated to my research. Thus learning state-of the art tools and techniques was a boon for enhancing my knowledge and their applications in real world problems and research studies. The techniques that I learnt from this project will definitely improve my potentialities towards my research that I am currently pursuing. Also the software that were used in this project are free software, so that we can use them in our different studies. Therefore this project helped a lot to enhance my knowledge of Computer Aided Drug Designing. The project was nicely planned, all the phases were perfectly executed as per the schedule in time and we were able to meet the deadline of the project. All the task were executed with nice coordination and cooperation of the entire team. The guide supervision was excellent which helped us a lot to meet our goal of the project. I would definitely recommend others for the project of BioDiscovery Group. It is a great learning opportunity.
Jaypee University of Information Technology,
attended the program at Shimla

I'm very happy and glad that I got an opportunity to work with and to be a part of the BioDiscovery Group for a research project. It is great place where one can learn and to get good command in concepts of bioinformatics mainly drug designing and genomics& proteomics. As far as my project is concerned, I have learnt the concepts and tools applied in drug designing and I'm very confident about the same. Thank you for giving this opportunity Sincerely Jayaram C
Bangalore University,
attended the program at Bangalore



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