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Research Project

I am very happy to complete my project entitled Study to test the binding of THC- Delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol & derivatives on Acetylcholine binding protein (AChBP): A Virtual Screening & Molecular Docking.At start of the project I was puzzled how I will complete,but due to complete guidance from BioDiscovery Group I completed my project. I specially thank the team for their continuous guidance and clarification about my project work. I am excited that, project I worked on has been submitted for publications. BioDiscovery have even given me idea how take my project to the next phase(i.e Wet lab).
    Sri Ram
Jeppiaar Engineering College,
attended the program at Chennai

My project is regarding the design of new inhibitors for HIV integrase, by blocking its site of action and hence preventing the disease. AIDS is a renowned disease which is still in need of a cure. My project focuses directly on the aspect of finding a drug for the disease. It has many phases and is systematic in its design. I found the project structure highly constructive and easy to learn. The softwares can be easily accessed through the help of a link provided. I have gained presumptuous knowledge regarding the various steps followed in drug designing and molecular modelling. Now, I am confident enough to take up a related project and work on it successfully.
Sathyabama University,
attended the program at BioDiscovery Research Centre, Perumbakkam.

It is very pleasure to work with Biodiscovery. I hope i get another chance to work with. The training team was helpful in the duration of project period. Thank you for the opportunity.
    Durga Ramana Majeti
University of salford,
attended the program at Guntur

BioDiscovery is my first step in the ladder towards my biotech career.I thank guidance of Deva sir,Akansha mam and Asif sir for their guidance to complete my project and help me to gain depth knowledge in this field. This project has given me ideas to do further more similar projects and to carry my work further in wet lab. Publication guidance was excellent. Thanks a lot for helping me in the first step in the journey of thousand mile.
Jeppiaar Engineering College,
attended the program at Chennai,india

I Thank the BIODISCOVERY team to give me such an opportunity to do a novel research project. I feel Immense pleasure in working with asif sir and akansha mam. Guidance and clarification was very good. Now i have confidence and experience in Research areas. The drug can be tested using clinical trials(wet lab) and carried out for the treatment of cancer.
    Ashwin Kumar
jeppiaar Engineering College,
attended the program at Chennai

Hi, This is Jayaram from Bangalore. Recently I have completed a research project in drug discovery under the guidance of BioDiscovery Group. It is a very good opportunity for anyone like me, to work for this project and to be a part of this team. It is great place where one can learn and to get good command in concepts of bioinformatics mainly drug designing. As far as my project is concerned, I have learnt the concepts and tools applied in drug designing and I'm very confident about the same. and I'm very confident about the same. Thank you for giving me this opportunity Sincerely Jayaram C
    C. Jayaram
Bangalore University.,
attended the program at Bangalore

It was great working with the BioDiscovery Group. Asif sir as well as the staff of the organization guided me really well in the project. They were easily accessible, so doubts got cleared instantly. Knowledge was easily shared. In all it was a nice experience to complete my project from this organization.
    Jyoti Bhatnagar
attended the program at Online (Ghaziabad)

I have worked on Ebola virus program and being in touch with biodiscovery group people since past 8 months. The course work designed is very useful to get hands on drug designing concept. Thank you Biodiscovery Group people for clearing all my doubts during the journey. I would recommend each and everyone to do atleast a short term program with biodiscovery group to understand the concepts behind drug designing. Thank you and Best wishes Pallavi
    Pallavi Sahare
RTM Nagpur university,
attended the program at Nagpur

It was a very good experience I had with BioDiscovery group. The work went on smooth and the training was good, supplemented with appropriate materials to be equipped with the subject matter. The trainers were patient and helpful. I got an Experience Letter too from Asif Naqvi (CEO) for having researched in here. By a positive approach, excellence and efficiency of work, towards the projects, I am confident that BioDiscovery Group is on its way to provide me the credentials with the aid of a publication and/or a poster at International conference. Overall it was very interesting and fantastic experience to research at the BioDiscovery Group.
    Shreekara Gopalakrishnan
Karnatak University, Dharwad,
attended the program at Bangalore, Karnataka, India

This was a great experience. I learned a lot about the computer aided drug design, bioinformatics and computational biology. I'm so thankful for Prof. Asif for his great efforts during the project and for helping me to complete this work. I recommend to add some extra phases such as virtual screening, protein active site and residues prediction, and homology modeling in case of working with novel protein. Thanks you
    Moustapha Ahmed Mohammed
October university for Modern Sciences and Arts university (MSA university), Egypt,
attended the program at Online



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