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Bioinformaticians at BioDiscovery Group, India are working on the technique of Molecular Docking, Molecular Dynamics Simulations & Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis since a long time and have provided their services to the Biotech & Pharma industry with record publications and high reputation, probably the best in industry.
Abiding by our motive of helping and not money making these quality services are available at a significant price.

We provide an extensive array of services in Next Generation Sequencing with genomic analysis in Metagenomics, Chip Seq, DNA Seq (Ref & DeNovo) and RNA Seq (Ref & DeNovo). Our work is unique as we provide the results in a very short span of time, so that they can be used very efficiently and effectively by the diagnostic labs.
For research project we take a minimum of 10 Sequences and maximum can go up to any number. We believe in delivering efficient works in shortest span of time possible.
Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis

Several types of Molecular Docking services are given by BioDiscovery Group, like Protein-Ligand, Protein-Protein, Drug-Protein, RNA-Protein, DNA-Protein, DNA-Ligand / Drug, Antigen-Antibody, Enzyme-substrate, Protein-Inhibitor to Biotech & Pharma companies, Colleges, Research institutes and Research Scholars for their research projects or R&D works. We have conducted many researches for different diseases like Tuberculosis, HIV, Cancer, etc. For research projects we provide write ups of results which can be used for international publication. Molecular Docking

BioDiscovery Group is providing Simulations & Dynamics services for Industry & Academia and the work is performed on GROMACS, NAMD & VMD. The work involves Lysozyme in Water, Protein-Ligand Complex, Geenrate Topology, Define box & Solvate, Energy Minimization & Equilibration, Solvating the protein in a water box- parameter generation for the protein or the small molecule, Adding ions to the solvated protein, Running Simulations and its analysis. Molecular Simulations & Dynamics

This is a special type of service which we have introduced in order to accelerate the process of vaccine development for different diseases. Apart from vaccine design Immunoinformatics can be used in different ways like Development of biological therapeutics, Analysis of immunogenetics, Predicting protein allergenicity, Design of immuno-therapeutic drugs. Immunoinformatics

It is a new and very unique technology of gene editing, which can be used in various fields for research and R & D works by different Research Institutes and Diagnostics lab. This technology can be used for curing different diseases at genetic level. CRISPR/CAS9

Apart from our Contract Research services to Pharma, Biotech & Diagnostics industry we provide these services for individual scientists, researchers, research groups, labs, universities etc. We also expertise in setting up in-silico research labs at Colleges/ Institutes/ Universities/ Companies for Drug Discovery, MD Simulations, Next Generation Sequencing, etc based on the requirement and need of the clients.

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