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BioDiscovery Group conducts training cum workshops at Universities / Colleges / Conferences / Seminars around the globe. Our workshops are unique as the participants work on the software and perform the tasks themselves on their computer systems i.e., practical application of the technology. This type of course is suitable for Students, Researchers, Scientists, Technicians, Engineers, Academicians and Company Professionals.
If you want to conduct a Seminar or 1/2/3/5 days Workshop or 7/15 days short-term Training in Bioinformatics, Drug Discovery & Designing, MD Simulations, Next Generation Sequencing, Immunotechnology, Structural Biology, Agro informatics, etc. at your College / University / Conference then feel free to write to us at
5 Day Online Technical Hands-on Certificate Training in Drug Discovery & Designing | From Docking to MD Simulations
Dates : 21 - 25 May, 2024.
Venue : .
Fee for Student (Graduate/Master) : ₹ 4999
Fee for Student (PhD/MBBS) : ₹ 6499
Fee for Research Scholar/TA/LT : ₹ 7999
Fee for PostDoc/Lecturer/Faculty/Professor : ₹ 9999
Fee for Scientist/Company Professional/Doctor(MS/MD) : ₹ 13999
Fee for Foreign Participant : $ 299

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