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BioDiscovery Group is offering internship of 3 & 6 months at our Bengaluru Office, Karnataka, India. The internship program starts from January 2018 and the topics in which we are providing internship are:

  • NGS Data Analysis
  • Drug Discovery Technology- Bioinformatics, Docking & MD Simulations
  • Immunoinformatics & Vaccine Design

The salient features of the program are-

  • The fee for the 3 month Internship program includes training, research, field work and experience of working in a Biotech organisation.
  • The fee for the 6 month Internship program includes training, a novel research project with International publication, field work and experience of working in a Biotech organisation.
  • The fee for this internship program can be paid in two instalments.
  • The students will also get exposure of travelling in India and Foreign countries with the team of BioDiscovery Group to assist in conducting workshops & training programs. 
  • As we always value the talent hence there is a good chance of recruitment of the trainees.
FEE in INR NGS Data Analysis Drug Discovery & MD Simulations Immunoinformatics & Vaccine Design
3 Months  90000 65000 75000
6 Months 150000 120000 132000

The subtopics under each technology are as follows:

Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis

  • Basic Terminologies
  • Introduction to file types in NGS
  • Database and file formats in NGS
  • NCBI Genomics Library
  • NCBI Resources Used In Next Generation Sequencing
  • Blasting into SRA
  • Preprocessing of raw reads: quality control (FastQC), adapter clipping, quality trimming
  • Mapping output (SAM/BAM format)
  • Retrieving sequence from SRA (NCBI toolkit)
  • Raw sequence files (FASTQ format)
  • Finding NGS data from PUBMED SRA link
  • DNA and RNA-seq NGS read alignment
  • Visualization of mapped reads
  • Germline variant calling
  • Somatic variant calling and de novo mutation
  • Variant Filtering and annotation
  • Variant association and prioritization
  • Big Data Analysis and visualization

Drug Discovery Technology- Bioinformatics, Docking & MD Simulations

  • In-silico generation of ligands by ChemSketch
  • Pharmacophore Detection.
  • Modification of Ligand.
  • Conversion of Mol files to Pdb files by Open Babel
  • Homology Modelling
  • Protein optimization & Energy Minimization by SPDBV
  • Molecular Docking by MGL Tools | Creation of Grid Parameter & Dock Parameter files by AutoDock Software
  • Running the Docking Algorithm by Cygwin
  • Selection of potent inhibitors on the basis of binding energies(delta G) and Lipinski's Rule of 5
  • Creating docking complex
  • Structure Analysis- Protein & ligand complex H-bond interaction by UCSF Chimera
  • Drug Optimisation
  • Making a protein structure file.
  • Solvating the protein in a water box- parameter generation for the protein or the small molecule
  • Adding ions to the solvated protein.
  • NAMD configuration file.
  • Minimization and equilibration.
  • Simulations parameters and running the simulations.
  • Analysis of the simulations.

Immunoinformatics & Vaccine Design

  • Introduction to Immunoinformatics
  • Role of Immunoinformatics in advance medicine field.
  • Practical overview
  • Immunome browser
  • Antigenic protein retrieval
  • Functional analysis
  • Introduction to computational vaccine design.
  • Types of vaccine design and application.
  • Practical overview.
  • Case study
  • Retrieval of sequence
  • Antigenicity prediction
  • Allergy prediction
  • Functional analysis
  • Protein structure analysis
  • Modeling
  • Antigen active site
  • Population coverage
  • Visualization of antibody 

To inquire write to with subject line "Internship in..(your topic of interest)" and send. We will get back to you with registration process as well as the fee which you have to pay. Phone:  +91 9538710056, +91 7988262116, +91 80 4271 1080

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