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Program Details Duration Fee  
Overview of Assembly and Annotation 15 days
Rs. 14000.0
Computation phase
Gene prediction versus gene annotation
Non-coding RNAs
How gene prediction and gene annotation accuracies are calculated- Overview
Visualizing the annotation data
Quality control
Categories of annotation software and some selected examples
Annotation jamborees
Making data publicly available
Creation of Annotation Project
Input DNA Sequence of identify the genes & transposons.
Annotate(associate) the sequences
Find and Mask Repetitive DNA
Making Gene Predictions
Visualize predicted genes in a Browser
Search Databases using BLAST
Build Gene Models

Program Details Duration Fee  
Introduction of Comparative Genomics 7 days
Rs. 10000.0
What is a Genome Made of?
What Genomes Have Been Sequenced?
How Are Genomes Compared?
Benefits of Comparative Genomics?
Genomic revolution
Genes behind functions
Genetic modification
Genes and genomes change
Gene variation
Gene activity
Extreme genomics
Human health and disease
Associating genes with disease
Treating disease
What our genes tell us
Create a project to search plant genomes for an active transposon
Input a gene or protein of upto 10,000 nucleotides/amino acids
Identify related sequences within sequenced genomes
Search Genomes
View the tree

Program Details Duration Fee  
A Snapshot of the Immune System 15 days
Rs. 17000.0
Ontogeny of the Immune System
The Innate Immune System
MHC & Antigen Presentation
Overview of T Cell Subsets
Thymic T Cell Development
B Cell Activation and Plasma Cell Differentiation
Antibody Structure and Classes
Central and Peripheral Tolerance
CD Molecules

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