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Our research project training program is of novel research projects on the latest technologies of Bioinformatics. In this program, we implement the latest technology to make you learn in addition to the practical application which is in the form of these research projects. It can be done Online and Onsite. Online one can work from any part of the world. This research project can be done as a Major and/or thesis project for the final year or if someone wants to strengthen their profile so to have better opportunities in their career, i. e, for jobs or for higher studies.
Applications are invited for 7 seats in our 61 novel research project entitled:
  • Molecular modeling of sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor 1(S1P1) as a target for multiple sclerosis | A Virtual screening, Molecular docking & ADMET study
DURATION: 4-6 Months- training sessions will be conducted online according to the date and time you choose. The sessions will be conducted as CHAT so that you can use it for reference for later use.
In India Online: 25000 INR
Foreign Online: 520 US $
Flat 15% discount for the people with physical disability
You should have a Windows OS computer system for software to be installed and carry out the tasks of the Research Project.
Topics which will be covered are:
  • Introduction of Drug Discovery
  • Science involved in disease target identification
  • Virtual Screening
  • In-silico generation of novel ligands- Molecular Editing
  • Conversion of files- .mol to .pdb
  • Protein Optimization
  • Energy Minimization
  • Molecular Docking- Creation of .gpf and .dpf files
  • Algorithm-autogrid & autodock
  • Selection of inhibitors on the basis of delta G.
  • Structure Analysis/ H-Bond/Atomic level studies
  • Prediction of Molecular Properties
  • Prediction of Bioactivity 
  • ADMET- Bioavailability-LD 50-AMES Test, etc
  • Drug Likeness

OUTCOME: At the end of the study we would be able to get molecules which would show the best binding affinity to the biological target as well as ready to be checked for further PK/PD studies. After successful completion of the project, it will be submitted for international publication by the names of people who will work on this project. To view, the teams for current projects click here


What are the benefits of this Research Project Training Program
Candidate gets-
  1. Training in Drug Discovery & Designing. Opportunity to work on a novel research project. Practical application of training.
  2. Software, which you can use for other projects.
  3. Tutorial and Papers of technology. So to make you understand every aspect of the technology.
  4. Publication of the project by their name at International Level in the form of Paper/ Oral/ Poster/ Abstract.
  5. Certificates of Training & Research Project. 
  6. Recommendation letter for Job/PhD.
  7. Add the position of Research Project Trainee in your CV and LinkedIn profile. This will serve the purpose of work experience.
  8. We will connect you with people in our group who did projects with us which will help you in getting jobs as well as PhD positions around the world.

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