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Program Details Duration Fee  
Introduction to Gene & Genome Editing 10 days
Rs. 20000.0
Types of Genome Editing
CRISPR mechanism
Guidelines for effective guide RNA design
PAM sequences
Finding potential guide RNA.
Target identification and target screening.
Modifications by hdr or nhdr
Mechanism of knock out mutagenesis.
Off target analysis

Program Details Duration Fee  
Introduction to Docking 20 days
Rs. 17000.0
Types of Docking and its Importance
Antibody Modeling
Protein Modeling
Substrate Modeling
Ligand-Protein Docking
Protein-Protein Docking
Protein-Drug Docking
Protein-Inhibitor Docking
Antigen-Antibody Docking
Enzyme-Substrate Docking
DNA-Protein Docking
DNA-Drug Docking/DNA-Ligand Docking
RNA-Protein Docking

Program Details Duration Fee  
Basic Terminologies 20 days
Rs. 19000.0
Introduction to file types in NGS
Introduction to Genome Analysis
Database and File Formats in NGS
NCBI Genomics Library
NCBI resources used in Next Generation Sequencing.
Introduction to analysis of next generation sequencing data
Install Ubuntu on a windows machine for sequencing data analysis
What is the FASTQ format (Download files from NCBIs SRA)
Blasting into SRA
Retrieving & Checking the quality of Sequence
Check your sequenced reads for quality (How to install use FastQC)
Process sequence reads (Quality trimming read joining etc.)
What is sequence alignment
How to align immunome data with IMGT
How to align your reads
Introduction to R (Programming language)
Install tcR package TCR sequencing analysis
Immunome data analysis

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